Rachel Adams Tippy Chair

6:33 video

This weeks fantasy victim is the lovely Rachel Adams. And Poor Rachel - since she is blindfolded - has no idea how precarious her situation is. Or is not. I tell her not to struggle too much because she mnight fall over. But how long do you sit there not trying to get loose? So long that your hands go numb and can't even move to attempt to find the knots? And once your hands are numb you have no chance to get loose! And if you sit there so long not being able to do anything about your situation you will eventually fall asleep and you might fall over anyway. I KNEW what her decision would be. It only takes a couple minutes to go through the scenario in her mind. Can you imagine how scary it would be to be tied up so tightly and helplessly and precariously that you choose to take the chance of falling over rather than not at least attempt to get loose. Rachel can.

Can you imagine how much worse it would be to not fall all the way over?

You don't have to imagine. Just watch.

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