Ashley Take Your Breath Away

19:15 video

Once Ashley is standing, hands bound behind her back and neck roped, I tell her I'm going to take her breath away. Although her reaction to hearing that was nice, I doubt she thought I was being literal. But I was. I don't even think she picked up on the pattern at first. Every time I started a wrap I stopped...put a hand on her body...and when she exhaled I pulled the wrap tight. Then again. and again. And with every wrap. Soon she was getting about half breaths. But I wanted more. And I took it. I added a ballgag to slow down the air she was able to get. Diaphragm wraps next, then upper ribcage. Now legs to slow down the oxygen un rich . She barely keeps from hyperventilating while I pick on her more. Then I move her to the floor in a very un-nice way so she can lay on her stomach which makes it harder to breathe, And finish things off with a tight hogtie to complete the process. Then we get to watch her struggle to get enough air to stay conscious. I love my job.

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