Brooke Sucky Sexy Thigh Burn Predicament

10:49 video

I do so love to let the bondage do the work and just sit back and watch. Brooke looks so sexy in ANY bondage but I really like her elbows tied together tightly. I had a nice predicament planned but there were two unexpected bonuses in this particular one. With her tightly tied wrists connected to the bottom of the bed by a rope ratchet and her neck rope connected to the top with slack in it, as I pulled the rope ratchet, with that lovely sound of click, click, click, she had no choice but to bend her knees and start the thigh burn. What I didn't expect were the sexy positions it caused her to move into. Her hips would cock out on way then another as she fought to survive this grueling predicament. Her ankles were hobbled because I thought she might try to climb up on the bed if I didn't. So she ended up with short little steps back n forth as she tried to find a more comfortable positions. Of which there were none. lol The other part I loved was that I KNEW eventually she would tire out completely not be able to hold herself up any more. I tightened the rope ratchet from time to time to speed this process along. I thought she would eventually beg for release. While she did make lovely whimpering noises and even told me through the spyder gag that she hated me (Which makes me soooo happy) she never did beg to save her life. But her legs did give out. Be sure to watch to the end.

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