Brooke XXXX Participant

19:33 video

I drag this last one in like she's a rag doll. Sure she's kicking and fighting and trying to scream but after you've done a couple hundred of these it's all the same. She ain't getting away but I get a kick out of the struggle anyway. So I make her kneel on the floor and pin her arms with my legs so I can get her gagged. Then I can play around with her a bit. A little cat n mouse ya know? Let her believe that she almost got away, then reel her in again. While I'm wrestling around with her I take her top off and then her skirt. Dam! She's a sexy little thing! So I tie her to the chair by pulling her arms down tight at the back of the chair then I grab an ankle and pull it back and up and tie it to the chair. Once both ankles are tied she is spread wide. I can tell this is gonna be fun. I leave and let her struggle that way for a while. She ain't going nowhere. When I come back I change her position a bit to make her more....accessible. I'll leave her that way now. All spread wide open with all those girly parts showing. Let her think about what's coming....

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