Password / Authorization Failed - 401

This can happen for several reasons.

You may have accidentally typed your username or password incorrectly.

1) Your username and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

2) Your username and password contain NO SPACES.
If you copy and pasted them , be sure not
to copy the leading space after "Username:" and "Password:"

You may also be required to enter your username and password more than once when you are visiting. This is part of the security system that combats hackers and password traders and helps keep our prices low for you.

Back out and try it again. If you have further difficulties, please contact the tech department by going back to the site you were on, clicking the CONTACT link in the main menu and filling in the contact form fully. Incomplete contact submissions will not be accepted.


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There is another possibility, you may be a hacker or password trader. We hope that is not the case. All hacking and trading attempts are logged and investigated and where applicable are reported to law enforecement.

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